Flemish single manual Harpsichord after Moermans 1584

Flemish Muselar Virginals after Ruckers c. 1600

Two manual German Harpsichord after Zell 1728

Single manual German Harpsichord after Vater 1738

Two manual French Harpsichord after Goermans/Taskin 1764/84

Robert Deegan, a member of the British Harpsichord Society, has been making harpsichords since 1969 and was previously a graphic designer. He works in a converted eighteenth century quayside warehouse in the City of Lancaster, England, with two assistants, and personally attends to each stage of the demanding process of making a hand crafted keyboard instrument. In 1977 he won a Churchill Scholarship and travelled to the USA where he studied instruments in the major collections as well as visiting other makers. Due to this opportunity and visits to European collections he has inspected, collected data on, and (where possible) played all the originals of the instruments offered here.